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Hardware SIG

On Thursday, February 5th, 2004 NOPC past president, Ray Paternostro Jr. conducted a well attended Hardware SIG. Attendees have given some feedback:

The NOPCC Hardware SIG conducted by Ray Paternostro was a tremendous success. All of the participants enjoyed the very informative presentation. Ray disassembled a PC, piece-by-piece, explaining the various components in terms of capabilities and function. There were numerous questions and Ray exhibited a vast amount of knowledge on the inner workings of the PC. The information was a presented in a descriptive manner that was understood by the most novice users, yet informative enough even for technicians. The ISA and PCI interfaces and corresponding components were displayed, motherboard architectures and functions were explained, and the nature of the mysterious processor chip was discussed. Ray offered a variety of troubleshooting tips as the PC pieces lay in a convoluted pile of metal and wire on the table. Hard drives, floppies, and optical drives were also exhibited and handled by the members, some for the very first time. Much to the surprise of many of us, Ray quickly and efficiently reassembled the machine, and then presented an informative slide presentation on the history and evolution of the PC. This was certainly an interesting and educational night for all in attendance.

Clarke Kissell
Level: Advanced

SpeciaL Power Point Presentation!

By Ray Paternostro, Jr. - 25th Anniversary of the IBM PC
In celebration on the 25th anniversary of the IBM Personal Computer, Ray has put together an interesting view of the evolution of the PC, peripherals and the Windows operating system.

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November 2008
How the Internet Works, John Souvestre, Southern Star & Integrated Data Systems
December 2008
How Stations Will Transition to Digital & Multicasting, Randall Feldman, , WYESTV & Johnny Moore, WWLTV


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Metairie, Louisiana 70011
Club Hotline: (504) 222-2493

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