New Orleans Personal Computer Club
P.O. Box 8364
Metairie, Louisiana 70011
Club Hotline: (504) 222-2493

NOPCC Board of Directors

Administration of the New Orleans Personal Computer Club is entrusted to an elected Board of Directors who meet monthly to plan and discuss the business of the NOPC Club.

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Ray Paternostro Don Costello Richard Wise Mike York
Ray Paternostro
Vice President
Don Costello
Mike York

Tom Gaffney Rob Romalewski Greg Wilde
Director at Large
Richard Wise
Director at Large
Rob Romalewski
Director at Large
Greg Wilde
  • General duties and responsibilities of the NOPCC BOD are as follows:

    • Establish policy for the NOPCC
    • Approve the NOPCC budget
    • Make public any oral or written communication on behalf of the NOPCC
    • Sponsor meetings in the name of the NOPCC
    • Establish the amount of membership dues
    • Recognize, approve, and facilitate the formation of new Special Interest Groups
    • Confirm the President's appointments of directors and committee chairpersons
    • Appoint officers to fill unexpired terms of office whenever the office becomes vacant
    • Recommend officers for removal from their elected positions
    • Remove officers from their elected positions by a two-thirds majority vote of those present and voting
    • Accept the resignation of a director or an officer from their position
    • Review and approve an anticipated annual budget of income and expenditures
    • Ensure that an independent audit of the NOPCC is conducted annually
  • The following guidelines shall apply to NOPCC BOD meetings:

    • Regular meetings shall be held monthly or as otherwise determined by the Board
    • All members of the Board of Directors will be notified of the time and place of Board meetings at least five working days prior to the meetings unless meetings are scheduled for the same time and place each month
    • Special meetings may be held at the request of any four members of the Board. Notification requirements as in above statement remain in effect.
    • Upon majority consent of the Board members, an emergency meeting can be called without advanced notice.
  • General responsibilities of NOPC Club officers are to:

    • Conduct and represent the NOPCC in its day-to-day business
    • Preserve the assets of the NOPCC
  • Duties of officers are as follows:

    • President duties shall consist of the following:

      • Serve as chief executive
      • Maintain the general conduct of the general membership meeting and the NOPCC BOD meetings
      • Preside over all NOPCC BOD meetings and any other special meeting called by the NOPCC BOD
      • Appoint directors as necessary
      • Designate committees and appoint committee chairpersons as necessary
      • Call for Executive Committee meetings as necessary
    • Vice President duties shall consist of the following:

      • Serve in place of the President in his absence
      • Serve as President for the remaining term of said office when the office of President has been vacated
    • The Secretary duties shall consist of the following:

      • Maintain all written records of NOPCC
      • Keep a record of all of the proceedings of all NOPCC BOD meetings
      • Keep a record of all of the proceedings and elections held by the NOPCC general membership
      • Notify the general membership of all scheduled meetings
    • The Treasurer duties shall consist of the following:

      • Maintain accurate financial records of the NOPCC and its proceedings. Said records shall include any and all receipts and disbursements made on and for the behalf of the NOPCC
      • Reimburse a member for any approved expense or capital expenditure made on behalf of the NOPCC
      • Publish an annual financial report of the NOPCC
      • Provide a monthly financial report on the financial status of the NOPCC to the NOPCC BOD at their monthly meeting
      • Conduct an annual inventory of all NOPCC assets
      • Prepare an annual budget for review and approval by the NOPCC BOD that will anticipated the annual NOPCC income and expenditures for the NOPCC fiscal year during the first month of said fiscal year

P.O. Box 8364
Metairie, Louisiana 70011
Club Hotline: (504) 222-2493